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Welcome to the forum of weplaysex.com, where people can freely talk about any aspect of Sex and sexuality. These forums are organized in different main Sections:

  • Country, where it is possible to talk about topics specific to each particular Nation.
  • Various, organized in 6 sub-sections:
    • Job Posting: National and International job offers and job requests can be posted in this forum.
    • Relocation Opportunities: International job offers (including visa/first accomodation), and International job requests, can be posted in this forum.
    • Presentation: Don't be shy, introduce yourself.
    • Personal Experiences: Any personal experience related to sex or sexuality can be discussed in this dedicated section.
    • Suggestions: Use of this website is free, built and managed by passioned people. We will be more than happy to listen to any suggestion.
    • Technical Problems: The correct place to come when you (frequently) run into a bug while you are using the website. Report here the problem, we will work on it.
  • Reviews, you are undecided about a meeting? read a review about someone you would like to spend some time with. Have you had a satisfactory or a bad meeting? Leave a review about it!
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